It's time to get clarity and confidence with your marketing so your business can GROW!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with marketing and confused about what your next step should be?

Are you finding that you're spending more and more time in indecision and procrastination because you're not sure if you're doing the right thing?

We only have to scroll through our social media feeds to get told we NEED to do this thing, and that thing...and before we know it, that thing too...

Frankly, it's out of control.

Then comes the comparisonitis and shiny object syndrome...

So we might scroll some more and buy another online course, because it's going to BE THE THING that makes all the difference. Sound familiar?
It's time to get real... 

The real reasons your business isn't growing:

You don't have a clear marketing strategy, so your plan is always changing.
You're getting distracted by what everyone else is doing and suddenly you've got a million ideas...before overwhelm kicks in and nothing happens.
You're learning lots and it feels useful...but you're not sure how to apply what you're learning in a way that is going to be effective for YOUR specific business.
You know a lot, yet you're feeling blocked and you thought you'd be more successful by now.
You don't feel like you're in flow or in alignment with your values and your dreams, and secretly you've been thinking of trying something else.
What's missing is someone there, right beside you. Someone to steer you in the right direction and focus on the right things for your business. Cheering you on at every step. Someone to not only show you how, but to make sure it gets done correctly so you're not just ticking the box and hoping for the best.

A person to show you why things aren't working when you're stuck, and what changes need to be made to turn it all around.

Literally someone there, on your shoulder, showing you the way at EVERY SINGLE TURN.

That person is me 💗 and my Master Your Marketing program.


Master Your Marketing is a personalised one-on-one 3 month coaching program where I work with you closely to create a holistic marketing system to grow your business. Using the Momentum Marketing Method™ (MMM), we methodically work through every single part of your marketing so that you start to see results in every area...not just with more likes on social media. 

While topic specific courses on topics like Instagram Stories or LinkedIn can be really useful, they can often 
leave you confused.

Because they're not holistic, they don't look at the whole, they are only one piece of the puzzle.

Master Your Marketing is the entire package! It is the foundational building blocks that...let's face it...most of us skipped over at the start and never nailed. Then it's layered with all the fun stuff to skyrocket your visibility, and create more income, impact and freedom.

Get ready for clarity, growth and your time back!

With the added bonus of accountability, support and the right advice at every step of the way
gain clarity
grow your biz faster
get your time back

What is the Momentum Marketing Method™?

I'm glad you asked! 

It's a repeatable method that works in every single business, yet it's completely unique to your business. It applies to you whether you're building a personal brand, selling online courses, are a coach or a consultant, or own an eCommerce business.

It takes into account the entire does not focus on one specific technique. It takes work, but in the Master Your Marketing one-on-one tailored program, I am with you step-by-step throughout the entire process.

Stage 1: Clarity & Your Message

Get really clear on who your ideal client is and exactly what they are looking for to solve their problem, and how you can help. Learn how to craft your unique message so that you can speak to them and their core desires, communicating what you offer in a way that connects. 

Stage 2: Your Unique Blueprint To Achieve Your Goals

We create a custom plan of attack unique to your business and what stage you’re at right now, in alignment with your goals. We choose the right platforms for clarity and ditch the rest (goodbye shiny object syndrome AND overwhelm). 

Stage 3: Perfect Your Offer & Your Funnel

Let's make it super easy for your target audience to buy from you. We make it a no-brainer for your prospects to move from newbies to purchasers. This is where you build out or re-do the way you attract and sell online.

Stage 4:  Traffic Generation and Visibility

Learn how to drive traffic to skyrocket your visibility and get you out there. Allow yourself and your business to start showing up and be seen in all the right places. Let’s dig into the world of social media, FB ads, Google ads, messenger marketing and SEO. Also potential mindset work required at this step.

Stage 5: Optimise and repeat

Create a repeatable system to carry you forward and scale your business exponentially.  

All sprinkled with ✨✨✨


While other business programs may give you the steps to get to where you want to go, I know that it takes more than strategy. Often when we're pushing outside our comfort zones and forging new habits, our mind comes out to play, to slow us down and keep us safe. This will pop up during the 12 I come equipped with tools and processes to bust through and create long-lasting change. Procrastination, be gone!

Vision Casting

Many businesses fail because the vision of the founder is just not strong enough. We work through a process that allows you to uncover your vision and cast it into the future. Daily reminders keep this rock-solid and strong to get you through even the toughest digital marketing strategy.

Habit building

Throughout the program we work on developing new habits for your role as CEO. This means doing things that you may have been avoiding for a long time. I will hold you accountable as you build these new habits and help when your thoughts come out to play.


This is where it all comes together. I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to help you achieve the goals that you feel that deep desire to reach, but you haven't been able to make it happen yet. I am that person on your shoulder cheering you on, but also lovingly giving you a kick up the butt when you need it.


I am fiercely committed to helping female online entrepreneurs learn the real tools that will actually make a difference to their bottom line. I am NOT about flash-in-the-pan digital marketing techniques or one size fits all approaches. 

My goal is to help you create the business that you dreamt of when you decided to start your online business. Before you got confused and overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS.

I use a unique mix of digital marketing know-how and mindset work to unleash your inner CEO to make it all happen 💥

I have a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a PostGraduate Diploma in Commerce (Marketing with Distinction). I am a certified Google Partner, qualified life coach, accredited with the American Board of NLP, American Board of Timeline Therapy and the NZ Association of NLP. 

I have scaled my own online brand to a 6 figure company within one year. I've also helped multiple companies scale into the 6 and 7 figure range with digital marketing, in the tech, software, eCommerce and coaching industries.

If you want to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you will benefit from a coach to guide you through the process. I am that person for you! Someone by your side to support you, to hold you accountable, to help you unleash your inner CEO!

What's included in Master Your Marketing?

  • 12 weeks of support: You will have my ongoing support for an entire 12 week period. 
  • ​9 x 60 minute calls: We'll have 3 weeks on, with 1 week each month set aside for 'implementation only' weeks (you will need these!)
  • ​Voxer support: Access to me at anytime Mon-Fri over 12 weeks, for feedback, support and accountability.
  • Access to trainings: Need to dig into how the nitty gritty to get it done? Access the library of trainings on all topic areas, from social media, blogging, FB ads, Google ads, etc. 
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to my SEO SORTED online course 💥

Who is Master Your Marketing for?

It's for female entrepreneurs who want something more for themselves, for their families and for their life!

It's for those of you with big dreams and ambitions but you're struggling with the know how and taking action. 

It's for you if you really want to learn digital marketing, you want to know what you actually need and what you don't need, and you want this knowledge to be within your business long after this program has ended.

You've realised that learning about digital marketing is a long-term investment in your business, so that you don't have to rely on outsourcing for every single thing.

It's for you if you know it's time to step into the CEO position of your business, and you need accountability and someone to hold your hand while you discover this new normal 💕

It's not for you, if...'d like to work from a laptop on the beach for an hour a day and you're expecting 6 or 7 zeros in your bank balance. I don't know anyone who has pulled that off... can't commit to the process and show up weekly for yourself and your business, it might be best to skip this.'re just starting out and you don't have a website or sales funnel yet, then you're not quite ready for this.

Q & A

What do I need to qualify for this program?
From an online standpoint, you need to have a website (or a landing page) and have some traffic visiting it. Ideally you will already be making between $2k to $10k per month. And most importantly, you need to be committed to the growth of your business.
How much time will I need to put aside?
This is 100% dependent on your business and what you've already got in place. This is a tailored program, which means that we look at all of your marketing assets and take stock. Part of that is looking at how much time you have available. A plan will be made from there. 
Is this an online course?
No, no it is not. It is a coaching program. I am coaching you through the process, so that you then have this knowledge yourself. I hold you accountable, and am always there to assist with your mindset. There are online resources that you will need to use to implement some of the material but this is supplementary to the coaching, not the main thing. 
Is this a good investment right now with COVID-19?
Yes, I believe right now is actually the perfect time to be working one on one with a coach on your marketing. Why? Because there's frameworks to be put in place, messaging to be worked on - things that must be in place before you can sell. If you're suddenly without a job and/or transitioning to an online business, this is the BEST TIME! 
"Without hesitation I would 100% recommend this program to all online business owners. Louise is one of the most patient and caring people I have worked with. Louise explains things clearly, always listens, and is 'present', and is very happy to pass on her knowledge, assistance, advice, and support.

I am no longer confused about what I do, I am no longer unsure of where my business is going, and Louise has given me the confidence to get in there and get it done!

All I can say is 'thanks Louise, you are a gem!'
Alison Gleadhill
Louise's knowledge is amazing, she is so generous with her time and I never felt rushed on calls. She really took the time to make sure I understood it all and supported me throughout. I think Master Your Marketing would be a good program for any business owner at any stage in their business.
Lisa McGlashan

I'm in...what happens next?

Let's get on a 45 minute call so that I can learn all about your business, your challenges and what you'd like to achieve. From there, we can see if it's a good fit for you right now. 
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